Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Warning: Scant Postings TK

Folks, as of today my travel schedule for May/June has officially reached Overbooked to the Nth degree, so consider this your warning that my postings are soon going to make like rich New Yorkers in the summer. I.e., they'll be gone. However, my postings will not be in the Hamptons, they'll just be floating around in the ether somewhere, unposted. Er.....something like that.

To wit, my travel schedule for late May/June/early July: New York (home base), San Francisco (work), New York, Nebraska (family), New York, New Hampshire (climbing), New York, Mississippi (work), New York, Atlanta (work), New York, Colorado (hopefully, climbing), and then...New York.

Given my tenuous relationship with airports and air travel in general (not because I'm afraid of flying, but because I always get seated by fat people and they always, ALWAYS lose my luggage if I'm forced to both transfer and check), I suspect my rage level is going to hit 9.7 by the time I turn 31 (eek!) in mid-July. On a more positive note, I hear street harassment in Jackson and Denver is less prevalent than it is here, so perhaps that will even out the bad kharma.

The point is, f I suddenly disappear for a few weeks, don't fear...the psuedo cancer hasn't done me in just yet.


Blogger Sweet Southern Girl said...

Just so you know, the only thing anyone will say to you on the street here in Jackson is "Hello." It could be because people here are just plain nice ...or it could be because it's so damn hot here that no one walks ANYWHERE!

9:13 PM  

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