Tuesday, May 09, 2006

John Krasinski's Girlfriend

About half the hits I get on this site are from people who ask Google if John Krasinski of "The Office" has a girlfriend.

Ladies, I know he's "Super Dreamy." I know you have daydreams about pushing those thick bangs off his forehead. I know that if CFCs weren't threatening to melt the polar ice caps, that his smile alone would do the trick. I know we all want Jim Halpert to be our boyfriend, to ask us about our innermost thoughts, to get all moony-eyed as he stares across the room at us. We want Jim Halpert to understand us in ways that real-life dolts never will.

But if you have to ask the Interweb whether he has a girlfriend, I'm guessing you don't run in the same circles as our man Krasinski.

You might want to try knocking your expectations down a notch. Start looking for your very own Dwight Shrute.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's been seen with Rashida Jones an awful lot lately . . .

9:38 PM  

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