Monday, April 23, 2007

Forgive My Absence

I realize I haven't posted in roundabout a hundred years, but I've been busy celebrating my friend Lacy's birthday. For most people, that consists of a one-evening bar outing, but Lacy looooooves his birthday and so this weekend the bacchanal raged on for not three hours but three days. If you want to live vicariously through the photos (taken with a very expensive magic camera that made everyone look hot -- even though I hadn't done my hair!), you can click that link. Me, I'm gonna go power down a few quarts of water in my continued efforts to recover from the insanity. I'll get back to you when I regain my ability to think, although to be honest, life is so peachy that I haven't had a lot to bitch about -- another reason I've been scarce around these parts.


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