Thursday, April 12, 2007

IM Conversation of the Day

Me to Friend with Pregnant Wife: The due datemust be coming up soon, yes?

Friend: She might pop a bit early. For both of our sakes, I hope that's the case. [Wife] is doingwell, but she's basically had it with being pregnant. She's tired. She'scranky. She's sore. And she's been pretty successful in letting me know what it's like, which makes me tired, cranky, and sore.. What's going on with you?

Me: Some job interviews. New boyfriend.

Friend: What's with the new man? Who is he? How did you meet him? Andhow come you're calling him your boyfriend without vetting him through me first?

Me: Eh, I figured you were probably too busy going on Chunky Monkey/dill pickle runs to waste any time judging the latest float in my ongoing man-parade. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

boyfriend? boyfriend? a tear.

8:28 AM  

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