Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Plea to Gawker

I know there have been management and editorial shakeups over at the Gawk, and had I not been drowning in a sea of gin Thursday night when I sat blathering away at the editorial director and one of the editors, I would have thought to mention something then. As it is, I'm going to have to tug an IM sleeve, probably to much less effect (than nothing, which would have been the original effect).

ANYWAY, PLEASE have mercy with the click-throughs! I mean, every single post is a click-through these days. And as much as I like wasting time at work, I don't like developing carpal-tunnel to accomplish said task. I know there are advertising and tracking reasons for "jumps," but have mercy on your dear readers. I never thought I'd suggest taking a cue from Gannett, evil overlords of that much-reviled birdshit-catcher USAToday, but STOP with the jumps already.

That is all.


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