Monday, August 07, 2006

An Aunt or an Uncle?

My sister called me today with that age-old trick question, "Are you going to be an aunt or an uncle?" The dumb trick of course, is trying to get me to say, "AN UNCLE" if I happened to want a nephew. Of course, already BEING an aunt to my one-year-old niece Stella, I was wise to this trick and sighed, "Geez, I'll be an aunt either way -- now what is it?"

Mikki went in today for the "big reveal" ultrasound today and the test, failing to find any evidence of a tiny little baby wee-wee, tells us that I'll be having niece number two. This is good news for my mother, since she's spent the last year flexing her significant consumer muscles in a strenous effort to purchase every pink, ruffled, bunny-appliqued item west of the Mississippi, and it might confuse her if she was suddenly expected to shop in a land full of baby blue, toy trains, and non-gender-specific animals such as ducks.

However, I'm starting to worry that the duty is going to fall to me to dredge up responsible, virile male who can contribute a Y chromosome to our family tree, as my brother and brother in law have so far proven that they can only shoot Xs. Surely any hopes that I could round out the grandchild gender ratio stand only to be dashed, since I can barely even find someone suitable for a Saturday, let alone matrimony.

But hey, this isn't about me (oh, who am I kidding, it's always about me).


Blogger Sweet Southern Girl said...

"'s always about me." You are killing me! So funny!

5:39 PM  

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