Thursday, April 20, 2006

Can't Stomach the Dave Matthews -- No Matter What

So summer's on its way and, as per usual, I start to daydream about living in tents, bathing in streams, having sex in moss-covered glades and generally indulging my latent hippie self that has been languishing under an expensive wool coat and inside tall black boots all winter. I start entertaining dreams of moving to the blissfully sunny, mountainous Eden that is Colorado and purchasing a pair of Birkenstocks. And I guess with this mindset comes...the craving for hippie hippie bluegrass music. Specifically, the Yonder Mountain String Band.

I've seen Yonder outside in the mountains of Colorado, with real, actual, non-latent hippies dancing around in patchwork clothes. I've seen them tear up their guitars and banjos at the (now long gone) Wetlands in TriBeCa, where hard-bitten, cold-hearted New Yorkers gave up the cool and danced and hooted. And I'd love to see them again.

So I went to check out their web page and the next time they're coming to New York, later this summer, they're playing on Randall's Island.


Sorry, even my inner hippie is too embarassed to go there. Even for YMSB. I don't think you could pay me a thousand dollars to sit through Dave Matthews.

Guess I'll have to get my speed jam hippie bluegrass fix some other way. Suggestions, anyone?


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